Below I share some thoughts and feedback from my former students and their parents. For more online reviews, see my ad on KSL. If you would like to enjoy the same success as my previous students, fill out the signup form below and I'll contact you within 24 hours. Let's get started!

Janice, Judge Memorial High Parent

"Victor is the best. He is helpful and professional and is able to explains things so much better to my son. My son struggles with ADHD and Victor was able to help my son with his AP Calc classes, raising not only his test scores but his homework, quizzes and general class work scores. He has also been helping my son with other general organizational skills which have helped improve his overall performance in all his classes. I recommend him to everyone I know, he is the best tutor we have ever worked with."

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Matt, Business School Applicant

"Victor is exceptional. He and I worked together over a 5 week period during my preparation for the GMAT. I'd HIGHLY recommend taking more time to study but despite the tight timeframe, we were able to hit my target score and I got accepted to Booth. Without Victor's help, there's no way this would've happened. He has a plethora of tips and tricks that proved invaluable on the test but also took the time to get to know my particular learning style and adjust his approach accordingly. Great guy, great results. Can't over-emphasize how important he was!"

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Jonathan, U of U Math Student

"Victor is an exceptional tutor. I was apprehensive about his price at first, but after our very first meeting I've been using him exclusively for the past two years. I used him for basic computer programming, a mid-level physics class, and some more advanced mathematics classes. There were other tutors I tried before meeting Victor, all of whom purported to be experts in these subject areas, but none of them had a solid understanding of the fundamentals and/or they couldn't speak English well."

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Jess, Graudate Student

"Victor is both an incredibly brilliant tutor, and also a skilled teacher. Over the past several months, Victor has helped tutor me in a variety of subjects ranging from partial differential equations, to a graduate level numerical methods course. As an engineering graduate student myself, Victor has helped me to greatly improve my math skills for my own field of study. I think it says something to the ability that Victor has when he is able to help out even graduate level students. But in addition, Victor has the teaching skills to help out anyone dealing with math and science courses of all levels.

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Sheldon, Rowland Hall Parent

"Victor has been tutoring my son for the past year, first in pre-calculus and now in calculus. Victor is a gifted teacher and first-class person. He knows this subject through and through and communicates it clearly. He is extremely professional, always prompt and prepared for our sessions. Victor is extremely responsive and has never failed to answer a phone call or email quickly. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

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