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The Most Essential Math Class

Statistics is arguably the most essential math class any student will take. Nearly every department at the University of Utah requires some version of a statistics course to complete a B.S, M.S, or Ph.D. We need it to correctly understand the results of any poll, study, or experiment. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of statistics tutors in Salt Lake City.


My Approach

Every student is capable of understanding statistics. It may seem difficult because the concepts are challenging and the numerous word problems are difficult to interpret. However, with enough time and practice, you will begin to recognize patterns and understand what methods to use in each type of problem. You will learn to identify important keywords and extract useful information.

I help students understand statistics by using real-world examples. I want students to see how the concepts apply to their own life. I use visualizations and concrete examples to reinforce complex ideas. From elementary statistics through advanced probability theory, there is always a way to break down sophisticated ideas into simpler pieces.

Victor Camacho Statistics Tutor in Salt Lake City

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