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The most fascinating topic in the universe

Physics is incredible because it seeks to explain the behavior of everything in the observable universe. It ranges from tiny subatomic particles to giant galaxies one million light-years accross! Unfortunately, physics principles can be difficult to master which causes many students to give up. Physics can seem like an endless series of complicated word problems and diagrams. It does not have to be that way!

My Approach to Physics Tutoring

I want to help students see the beauty in physics and understand its usefulness. Most people are not interested in being scientists or engineers, but everyone can appreciate the ways in which physical principles apply in their own life. To demonstrate concepts, I use relatable examples that are easy to understand.

Students often struggle with abstract concepts and detailed word problems. It helps to have a strategy for properly interpreting information. Students need to identify knowns and unknowns, understand what question is being asked, establish which physics principles apply (e.g. energy conservation or force balance), and use the appropriate mathematical formulas. It is easy to get lost without a roadmap. Fortunately, I have helped many students succeed in physics be teaching them how to create a plan of action for solving problems.

Victor Camacho - Physics Tutor in Salt Lake City

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