Anyone can learn math!

I frequently meet intelligent students who are convinced their brains are not wired to understand math. Unfortunately, this misguided point of view causes students to give up and fall behind. Eventually, their grades suffer.

The truth is that with sufficient practice, coaching, and encouragement, any person can develop a thorough understanding of math. I have witenessed some amazing transformations in my lifetime.

In the past twelve years, I have helped a wide variety of students: high school kids who have fallen behind in math, college students who need to pass one math class to graduate, graduate students struggling to understand statistics, students with learning or executive function challenges, and advanced students wanting to to learn high-level math. In all cases, I have helped students acheive their academic goals.

Many math tutors in Salt Lake City are simply good at math. However, you want a tutor who explains concepts clearly, builds confidence, and changes the way you think about math. This is where my years of experience will make a significant difference for you.

Victor Camacho - Premium Math Tutor in Salt Lake City

Private Math Tutoring

For the majority of students, one-on-one tutoring is by far the most effective way to learn math. Just one hour of tutoring is worth three to five hours of independent study or classroom time. See for yourself the amazing progress we can make together.

Small Group Tutoring

Tutoring in small groups is a great, cost-saving solution for college students enrolled in the same class provided everyone has similar goals. You may split the cost of tutoring  with a few classmates and share the benefits of learning from an expert. Your peers may raise questions you never though to ask. In the past, group tutoring has been more effective for college students than for K - 12 students.