Chemistry Tutors in Salt Lake City

Chemistry Tutoring

Many students struggle in chemistry because it blends a challenging combination of abstract concepts, mathematical analysis, and reading comprehension. Information must be comitted to memory and properly organized. However, I can assure you thatthe struggle is worth it! Some of our highest paying jobs and most exciting areas of modern research are in the field of chemistry. The concepts also apply to many practical situations in every day life.

My Approach to Chemistry

Chemistry may seem like an overwhelming amount of disconnecting information coming at you all at once. They key to success is learning how to organize everything into functional groups. It is important to recognize patterns and understand which concepts are connected through first principles.

In chemistry, some students struggle with the math, others with the memorization, and others with the critical thinking. It will be important to first identify what is the most challenging for you, and then we can construct an appropriate plan. If motivation is the issue, then it will be important to understand how useful the principles of chemistry are in your every day life.

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Let's get in touch and create a plan that will help you succeed in your chemistry class. I am available to meet with you on weekdays in the afternoons and evenings. Fill out the signup for below and I will contact you within 24 hours to set up some sessions. Let's learn some chemistry together!