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I have helped students with ACT prep in Salt Lake City for the past five years. After six to twelve weeks of one-on-one tutoring my students see major improvements in their score. A three to five point increase is average though I have had a few students improve by as many as 7 points!

I have four primary goals when helping students: (1) help students master important testing strategies such as timing, process of elimination, mapping passages, and using answer choices, (2) review essential topics in algebra, geometry, rhetoric, punctuation, and language mechanics, (3) familiarize students with the various types or categories of questions in each section in each section, (4) encourage students to work through hundreds of practice problems consistently over several weeks.

I use my own curriculum, which I have perfected over many years, to train my students. The curriculum is adaptable to each student so we can focus on the areas in which they need the most work. I work hard to make the experience fun and worthwhile.

Victor Camacho - ACT Prep Classes in Salt Lake City


Learning important strategies like timing, process of elimination, and skimming passages is the first step towards a major increase in your ACT score.


Scoring high on the ACT requires a mastery of basic rules of math, grammar, and punctuation. We will focus on very targeted concepts that show up frequently on the ACT.


Working through hundreds of ACT practice problems over several weeks is an essential ingredient to improving your score. The more your practice, the higher you will score.

Victor Camacho - ACT Prep Tutor in Salt Lake City

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