Tutoring in Salt Lake City

I have privately tutored over one thousand students in all levels of math, statistics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, economics, accounting, finance, ACT prep, GMAT prep, and more. I have a strong background in these subjects, and I know how to teach them in ways that are easy to grasp. I apply modern principles of learning pschology to help my students acheive the best possible learning outcomes.

After a few private sessions, my students see major imporvements in their grades, test scores, confidence, and learning proficiency. Working one-on-one with an expert is five times as effective as learning in a classroom environment.

To get started, fill out the signup form below. I will contact you wthin 24 hours to set up some sessions that work with your schedule. I look forward to working with you.


Subject Expertise

I nearly have a PhD in mathematics and have completed extensive coursework in a other disciplines including statistics, physics, chemistry, accounting, and economics.


For the past 12 years I have spent privately tutored many subjects, helped studens prepare for the ACT, SAT GRE, and GMAT, taught math courses at the University of Utah, and run a local tutoring company in Utah.


I know how to improve the way students think, learn, and organize. I incorporate modern tools from learning psychology to build confidence, boost academic performance, and make learning fun.